Participation fees

Tuition fees

The tuition fee to enroll into Oceans & Lakes is the same for all students (EEA and non-EEA)

The tuition fee consists of a fixed amount and a variable amount:

  • the fixed amount is a fixed cost which is paid once per academic year: 247.90 €
  • the variable amount is a specific amount per ECTS credit in the  students' year programme: 11,90 € per ECTS

The tuition fee = the fixed amount + (the variable amount x the number of registered ECTS credits).

For example for one year with 60 ECTS, the fee will be 961.90€ per year.

For more details see here


Living costs in Belgium

Next to the VUB tuition fee (which includes the UGent- and UAntwerpen-tuition fee), students should provide at least 1000,- EUR per month. In total, the recommended minimum amounts to provide are :

  • One-year programme : aprox. 10.200 EUR - 10.750 EUR
  • Two-year programme : aprox. 20.000 EU

For a detailed description of monthly expenses see here